Sunday, May 24, 2009


Wow... I know, Im crazy for not updating this in SO LONG!!! I know you all miss me, but things have been crazy busy here lately. I went back to school this past semester and got an A in Math and a B in Business Leadership (which i would have got an A in if my teacher wasnt the WORST leader ever and I didnt go to class that much).

I'm still working fulltime for American General. A few weeks ago I was not sure I would still ahve a job, the company has closed several offices in my area. They said they are "re-sizing" the company over the next few months. Who knows where I will be then! But dont worry I have a good backup plan.

Social life is pretty much the same, nothing new, single and livin it. (no that is not a typo, i didnt mean to say Lovin it, i definetly wanted to say LIVIN it. I have no other choice) I try to make the BEst lemonaid possible out of these crazy lemons i am given!

Well... i think thats about it for now, nothing too exciting! I will try to be better at updating this.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

En La Universidad

Hola. Me llamo Candace Allgood. Soy Estudiante de Vida, pero este ano asisto a La North Central Texas College de Denton, Texas. Viva con mi amiga Laura en la Denton, Texas. Yo escribo muchos cartas a mi familia y especialmente mi hermana Sella Allgood, La Missionaria por La Iglesia de Jesus Christo de los Santos de los Altimos Dias. Creo que una educacion universataria es muy importante. Por eso estudio y aprendo mucho. Pero comprendo tambien que es muy importante estar con los amigos y con la familia!!

ha ha ha ha!!! So... I just had my first class of my first semester back to College. And can ya guess what class it was? Waiting... come on take a guess.... Okay fine! It was Espanol. I'm not sure how to put the accent marks etc into this text, so maybe to your professional Spanish speakers it might not make sense. But to me its a GREAT start. It was great! Due to scheduling difficulties I was not able to sign up for the Spanish 1 class, so the only thing I could do was wait another semester, or take Spanish two. Since I took 2 years in high school and learned alot on my mission, and use a few phrases etc from time to time I thought MAYBE I could handle spanish 2. Last night I was getting REALLY nervous. I have not taken a spanish class in over 9 years. I had been telling everyone 8 for a few days, but I actually counted just now and its been 9. This morning at 9am was the class and I did okay. Yes there is alot I need to work on, and review, but it will work out.

I'm also taking a Math Class (grrr I hate math, but I have to take it) on Wed nights, and a Business Leadership class on Thursday nights. I'm really excited. I am FINALLY back in school. After 3 years of trying, and enrolling then dropping for one reason or another I'm finally doing it!


I will try harder to keep my blogg updated. =)

Monday, January 12, 2009

Mission Memories

My Younger sister Marsella went into the MTC on Wed Jan 7th. I had to wonderfull privilage to be with her. We flew up to Utah on Monday morning, and spent the day seeing Friends and Family. We spent a little time on Temple Square and saw a Sister missionary who was called to temple square but spent 4 months or so down in our ward in TExas for part of the time. We were also able to see a few of my cousins and my grandpa. My aunt Janice and Uncle Hal got stuck in Price due to the Snow. It would have been bad to try and come up. =(
Tuesday morning we went to the Salt Lake City Temple. It was amzing!!! Oh so beautiful inside. We took LOTS of pictures, I am still deciding which one to put on here. I will do that at the end.

Wednesday Morning we met up with our friend Steven and his wife for breakfast at Denny's in Provo. That was the popular place for missionaries, I think we counted 6 that were all going in at 11:30 with Sella. The MTC itself was a GREAt experience. IT was almost 5 years ago that Myself, my little sister and Lori (a great friend of the family) were there doing the exact same things but it was I that went through the missionary exit, and they went through the family exit. It was REALLY wierd going out that family door, and not knowing what to do with myself. But I made it.
I met up with an elder from the mission. Michael Bowen. So fun to catch up, it was a VERY short visit since he was on his way to an interview. But nice to see him. Then met up with a Alexis who served in the Rochester NY mission and I knew her as a greenie when I got home. So fun. Also another Elder fromt he MTC that was from Rochester, who I really got to know more after the mission. We are good friends now. He came and joined me for lunch too. Good times.
Wed Evening I spent with my mission president and his wife. Katie Kane Petterson also came with her SWEET baby Olivia. It was Amazingly fun! They are so wonderful.
Thrusday Flew to Vegas. I really just hung out, not much happened. I went to Great Harvest for lunch, they have the yummier sandwiches here, not like in Utah. Ya know the Basil Mayo... SO SO GOOOD! Then I just drove around for a bit. Took pictures of the temple. Then came back to the Freitag's. I was SO Tired. I didnt go to sleep till after 3:30 on WEd night, and then got up at 5am to go to the airport.
The Freitags are AMAZING!!! They are a family I met in the Orchard Valley ward in EAst Las Vegas. I was in this area for 6 months, and got really close with a handfull of families. Their Daughter Kelly got home from her mission while I was here, and we quickly became good friends. I have staying in touch with them over the years, and Love their friendship. They have been so great to offer a place for me to stay while I was in town visiting. I love them!!!
Friday was a little disapointing, alot of the people I went to see had moved. And no phone #s worked! Im going to try and head up to one of the houses again today before I head to the airport. But I was sad. Saturday I went out again, But had a little more success. It was Wonderful. I say ALOT of people that I taught. A few are now inactive, =( But several were doing great! I even was able to meet up with my friend from New York, Bentley O'niel, you remember him, the cute one! Anyhoo, he is serving here, and I was able to take him and his comp out for dinner. That was fun!
Sunday was the BEST day! I went to all three wards here in my one area that I was in for 6 months. Alot of people recongnized me but could not figure out who I was or my name. But I was not hurt cause I didnt remember most of their names either. Ha ha ha!!
As I was sitting there at the begining of one of the sacrament meetings, there was a girl on the stand that I could not figure out who she was, but I know that I knew her. As the Bishop announced her name "Sister Wegner will be our concluding speaker" It hit me. This was Angel Martinez who I taught and she was baptized down at the other end of the city 4 years ago. I have talked to her a few times in the last couple months, she got married in the temple. I was supposed to meet up with her for lunch on saturday but the number I had in my phone for her was wrong. By the time she got up to speak I was already in tears. She told of her conversion story, and the 2 sister missionaries who taught her (cause she didnt want elders) Oh It was GREAT!!! I cried half the time. Then after the meeting I went up to her, and she freaked out, was so excited that I was there, and saw her speak in church! It was WAY Cool!
The rest of the day I spent seeing people catching up. Oh yeah I saw one of the Tongan Elders who served with me, he had come back after the mission and married a girl fromt he singles ward. Who was the Daughter of the RS pres that was in my ward there. So He was at church with his little baby girl too. So cute. Crazy that I have been home longer than him and he already is married with a baby! He asked me "Sista Allgood where is your husband?" I replied with "I have no idea! I have not found him yet!" He just laughed, and told me he would hook me up with one of his several cousins in Utah. Then he says " Maybe you dont want to get into the Polynesians though" I said " Oh Yes I do! I love Polys, I want to have cute brown babies like yours!" After I said it I felt like a dork, but it was funny. Him and I talked for a while! It was GREAT!
I saw the Benavidez family. Amanda was an inactive sister, and noone in the ward knew who she was. Sister Kane and I went to see her and pulled up just as she did. She invited us back to do a FHE, and after she had her baby about 3 weeks later we started teaching her husband and the whole family. The kids were Anthony 7 Jacob 6, Hope 2, and then baby Alec. Also Amanda's nephew Caleb 5 or 6, was over all the time as well. Amanda's sister Rory was over a few times as well. Mike (her husband) was Great, had the best questions for us and was definetly listening to our message. It took 5 1/2 months for him to finally get baptized, but he was TRUELY converted to the gospel and so was Amanda. AMAZING family. Now both of their boys are baptized, and the kids LOVE primary. When I was over there, Alec who is now 4 I think, was playing video games and randomly started singing "Follow the prophets" It was GREAT to see. This child that was born into a home that really had no religion, is now strong and active in the church and singing primary songs while playing star wars video games. This makes my whole mission worth it. Just this one family, if that was the only good that came from my mission, its really not, but if it was I would still feel like the luckies missionary out there. They are amazing, and I had a part of it. The spirit was always so strong in their home. The Lord Desperately needed them to come into the gospel as a family.
I also saw Edna, the 16 yr old girl who wanted to get baptized so so bad, but her parents would not let her. And her sister Erica was always there for all the lessons as well. They were GREAT! Lots of fun, and full of spirit and life. Edna got baptized in Jan 2006, 7 months after I went home shortly after turning 18. Sadly she is inactive. Keeps in touch with me and the Young Womens Pres often, but has not made the effort to get back to church. I know she loves it, but not enough yet. I pray someday she realizes what she is doing and what she is missing. Maybe it will be years down the road when she is married with kids and the missionaries visit her, just like we did for the Benavidez family.
And now I have to leave! :( So Sad!! I want to stay in Vegas, but a huge part of me REALLY misses TEXAS! And of course Melinda! (who is my best friend in Texas) Its crazy, I dont think I have gone this long without seeing her since we became friends! Crazy huh!!
I REALLY miss my sister Sella. Her too I have not gone this long without seeing in years. Its so sad, but VERY exciting at the same time. She is amazing, and I know she is going to be a GREAT missionary. And someday I will take the trip with her back to Virginia to visit her mission, and I caint wait to hear all her mission stories.


Monday, December 15, 2008

Electronic Ressurection

Several Weeks ago my laptop CRASHED!! Just totallly went dead, no notice, not even running slow or anything, just dead! It was so so sad! Due to the horrific event I have lost ALL my files =( And Sadlly I was kept from blogging! It was torture I know! Can you believe it?
Things are back to somewhat normal (besides trying to find all my picture CDs again and getting them loaded on my computer) ((I am still hoping to recover the files on my old hard drive))
Life is good!! Crazy as always, but good! Not sure if I have anything too exciting to share, other than the fun stories of my friends! My lift as been moving a little slow. Work as been busy, so my social life has been effected greatly.
My sister is still living with me getting ready for her mission. She leaves soon. Im a bit torn. Part of me is so so excited for her to be leaving for a few reasons, one its hard sharing a room, a apartment, food, friends, etc. Another reason is because I know she will have a GREAT time. She will be an AMAZING missionary! Im excited for her future life lessons. On the other hand I will miss her deeply. On nights when I dont have plans with friends, and she is out at work or elsewhere it is lonely. I miss talking to her. It will be hard. But I have done it before, I have served a mission and know what it is like to have the only communication with loved ones be letters, or tapes etc. One way conversations. Its hard, but I know I can do it, and I will.
Guys? Well there are only a few, and they are friends nothing more!
School? Well, not there yet! But Im trying!
Family? GREAT... Mom is coming to Texas!! Grandma & Austin (my nephew) are both coming as well. This will be a Great christmas with them here. Crazy as always! But Great Fun!!
Age? Oh yeah, Its that atime of year again! I will be 27th on Dec 28th. Im not excited for that! Im getting older, but Im not where I thought I would be at this time in my life. Its a bit sad, but motivating at the same time. Im working on getting back into school. Hope to do that part time while still working fulltime. then Who knows, a year from now I will quit my great paying job claim poverty and go back to school fulltime. I want to get my degree and head to Utah and get into the CES program. I love Teaching the gospel. It brings me so much joy and happiness. I would LOVE to teach it fulltime.
Well thats all for today class!! Be good!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Hatred is Evil...

I hate to hate. Being hated is a horrible feeling! In this particular case it had made me hate the person back. Those of you who know me well, know that I have a LONG list of people I like, which is pretty much everyone I meet, and that I love almost all of the people on that list. It doesn't take much to impress me. I have a BIG heart and try to have fun no matter where I am. It is not often that someone hates me. Or at least that I know of. Usually if I feel that the feeling of "like" is not a mutual feeling I move on with my life and don't worry about it. But there have been a few times, VERY few times, in my life when it is brought to my attention that someone dislikes me. Now is one of those times!! I'm not sure what to do. I know that it was a small misunderstanding that put this into motion, an mistake on my part. I know that not everyone has to like me, and that is not what I'm worried about, but I also know that its a pretty stupid reason for this hatred, and that is what bugs me.

Hatred is evil. I know that contention is of the Devil, I hate the way I feel when I feel this way! I have tried several times to come to terms with the fact that this person and I were just not meant to be friends, which I thought was fine with me. But UNFORTUNATELY they keep THROWING it in my face. Anytime I am near this person they make comment about the situation that caused the hatred, a mere mistake, an accident, and it has turned things so upside down.

How do I fix it? Or even if fixing is not the answer, and sometimes the problem its self cannot be helped, what do I do to fix me?? What do I do to overcome the feeling of sorrow and sadness I feel? How do I suck it up and return to my Favorite YSA activities knowing that this person will be there? If I cannot fix it, how do I ignore it? Please Help!!!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Last Day of Vacation!

With American General (and most finance companies) we cannot take any time off in the month of November and December. We have our CAD (Customer Appreciation Days) We even work on Saturdays. ES NO BUENO!! So, as we are coming down to the last few weeks, I had to make sure I use my Vacation time or loose it. And I'm NOT loosing it!!! (well as least not my vacation time) I have 6.75 hours left. So, here I am at home, spending my last day off being LAZY!!! Kinnda Reminds me of my dog Punky (who died a few years ago) -------------------------->
Ha ha ha!!! What a way to spend my last weekday of Freedom till next year! =)

Weekend in Michigan

I flew into Flint Michigan on Friday Oct 3rd. My mother and I, after having a 4 hour lunch (more like chitchat) with Chris's girlfriend Shelly, went to the Detroit Temple. It is so beautiful, simple and sweet. Right on a main busy road. I have some Fun pictures. We were able to stay for a few hours. Before heading back to Saginaw.

I was able to meet up with two of my closest friends from back in the day! Tina and Heidi. We met up for dinner at Big Boy, a resturant pretty much unique to MI I think. I have not been there in of course 12 years or so. It was so fun to visit and talk about old times, and get caught up on what we each were up to these days. Tina brought her little girl with her, Ashlynn. She is adorable. She aslo has an older son who is one of the most handsome boys I have seen (other than my nephews of course)

This is the first time in over a year that I have seen Matt's (my older Brother) family. So much has changed. They moved to Saginaw Michigan (my whole family lived there for 7 years, moved back in 1997) They live just minute away from where my mom also just moved to. So I have been here visiting for the weekend, and it has been a BLAST!!!

I also got to take a bunch of One year old pictures of the baby I had not seen till now. His name is Payton, MAN he is soo soo cute.

Here are just a few to show off. All in all It has been a GREAT weekend. I saw lots of old friends, and met new family! I drove down my old street I lived on and drove past the old elementary, middle and high schools. My mom and I had lunch at Tony's, one of the BEst places to eat in town.
What a BLast from the PAST!!!